Quorum's DMS Solutions - Overview

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Quorum's suite of Dealership Management Systems (DMS) software includes:

  • XSELLERATOR - Quorum's flagship dealership and customer management solution goes beyond the traditional DMS. With full CRM embedded throughout the system, unrivaled integration between departments, "the factory" advanced features in every department and ready access to key information to help you management your business, XSELLERATOR is the comprehensive solution for dealerships ready to embrace the full value and efficiencies that technology can provide to enhance your business.

  • GM IDMS - General Motors has endorsed Quorum as a select supplier of the GM IDMS program throughout North America. General Motors has pre-negotiated specific pricing, included feature sets and support services to benefit its dealers. Under the IDMS agreement, dealers actually contract and pay GM while Quorum delivers and supports its leading software to the dealership on GM's behalf. Both XSELLERATOR and XPRESS are GM IDMS approved solutions.

  • Chrysler Integration - XSELLERATOR has been certified by Chrysler as a fully-integrated system for its dealers. Listed on DealerConnect, Quorum has already developed the majority of the available integration with Chrysler and is working to become a premier system provider for Chrysler Group dealers.
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Quorum's suite of DMS Solutions are true Windows-based, fully-integrated Dealership and Customer Relationship Management Systems. They have been developed using Powerbuilder Version 9.0, which is a true fourth-generation Object Orientated Windows-based development tool, and Microsoft .NET.

Quorum's DMS products were strategically designed - a very different approach from the "legacy" DMS systems. We are continually upgrading our software solutions with input from dealership customers, our implementation teams, our support group and OEM 'feedback loops'. When a new version is ready for deployment, all dealerships on the applicable platform are upgraded to that version. This allows us to deploy new features and new integration points quickly and easily.

Each of Quorum's DMS solutions are fully-integrated, with a completely normalized database. At the center of each system is a single customer and vehicle data file which significantly reduces inaccurate duplicate customer and vehicle data for both the dealership and manufacturer. Our fully normalized, open relational database design has one occurrence of the customer and the customer's vehicle records in the system.

Our DMS solutions are both customer and vehicle centric and provide dealership staff with a 360° view of the customer from the dealership's perspective. The 360° view is critical to the CRM efforts of a dealership because it provides a complete understanding, from the dealership's perspective, of the customer's history with the dealership and highlights customer needs.

Quorum is focused on streamlining and integrating every business process for every department in a dealership. Dealerships need one business process in each department that is both horizontally integrated to other departments, and vertically integrated to the OEM. Each business process has a number of OEM business rules built in, follows a best practice model and has CRM embedded as part of the business process. The result is improved dealership efficiency.

CRM is embedded into every business process in our systems. Unlike other systems, it is not delivered as a separate module; additional records of the customer and vehicle data are not stored in a stand-alone CRM module. Quorum's DMS solutions are end-to-end solutions for Sales, Service, Parts, and Accounting with CRM functionality embedded into each solution.

Quorum has developed a Best Practices Training Approach which is a comprehensive series of Interactive Tutorials and Quick Start Guides to train dealership staff to work effectively in XSELLERATOR and IDMS.

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